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Safe Driving Tips During the Thanksgiving Holiday

This holiday season, many Americans will hit the road to reunite with family and friends to spend one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States-Thanksgiving. People planning to travel 50 miles or more will have plenty of company on crowded highways and roads this Thanksgiving.

The AAA association reports that millions of people travel 50 miles or more from their residences to visit family and friends every year to celebrate Thanksgiving. The following are some time-tested safe driving suggestions for Thanksgiving holiday travel:

Trip-Ready Vehicle

Firstly, it is crucial to make sure that your vehicle is in top-notch condition and ready for the trip before hitting the road this Thanksgiving. Examine the fluid levels in your vehicle, namely the automatic transmission fluid, radiator fluid, brake fluid, and window washer fluid. Make sure that there is enough gas in your vehicle and check your tire pressure. At this time of the year, frost may accumulate on your windows, so clean your windscreen. Do not drive in inclement weather conditions.

Pack Some Supplies and Food

People with small kids will need to stock up on enough snacks for the trip. It is a good idea to pack some CDs or DVDs to keep children entertained during the journey. Also, pack an emergency first-aid kit and some bottled water as well as a flash tight. Depending on the area of the country you will be traveling to, check the weather forecast. It may already be cold in some regions of the country. So, pack a blanket to be sure.

Check the Load Capacity of Your Vehicle

Check your vehicle load capacity, which can be found in most vehicles on the driver door’s inside frame. Do not overload your vehicle. You can weigh your packed luggage and supplies and add that to the weight of all the occupants of the car to make sure you stay within the load limit of your vehicle.

Use a GPS Navigation System

Today, most cell phones have GPS. It is a good idea to use such software to map your route. The GPS will suggest a good path and will forewarn you about traffic conditions and possible crashes on the road ahead. It can also point you towards the nearest rest-stops and gas stations along the way.

Secure Your Pets

If you plan to travel with a pet, make sure that it is secured with harnesses or within an animal cage. Animals can cause a significant distraction for the person behind the wheel. Ensure that all your pets are secured in a safe manner, as this will help the driver remain focused on the road.

Wear Seat Belts

All occupants in your vehicle, including the driver, must wear seat belts. This is a requirement in most, if not all, states in the country. Young kids must be safely secured in their child seats and belted according to age requirements.

Heed All Traffic Signs

A crucial driving tip for Thanksgiving holiday travel is for the driver to follow all road traffic signs. Thanksgiving driving warrants a lot of patience. The roads will be busy, and you should be prepared for some delays during the trip. Do not drive over the speed limit as speeding is one of the foremost reasons for road accidents on interstates and highways.

Stay Focused on the Road

It is essential to avoid distractions, such as texting and driving, when behind the wheel. Such behaviors are as risky as drunk driving. Speaking on the phone when driving is also a bad idea, and doing so is banned in certain states, while others only allow you to talk with a hands-free device when driving.

Check your Emergency Aid Kit

Your emergency kit should include items such as a flashlight, fire extinguisher, battery-powered radio, maps, non-perishable food items, bottled water, blanket, flares, and tire-repair kit. It is also best to leave early to avoid anxiety about reaching and to have a buffer for delays. Tempestuous weather or traffic conditions can also change road conditions.

Get Plenty of Rest

Before you set off on your journey, you should get adequate rest as this will allow you to remain alert on the road. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of Americans have driven while feeling sleepy in the previous year.

Remember that tiredness or fatigue affects driving capabilities in the same way as drinking alcohol does. It impacts response times, coordination, and focus. Thus, get ample sleep before starting your travels. Also, do not drink alcohol on the night before you hit the road to avoid “morning-after” effects.

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