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How Long Could A Slip And Fall Case Potentially Last?

This is hard to say. The length of the case can depend on who the defendant is, whether or not litigation is necessary and what are the extent of the victim’s injuries.

The victim or injured party should reach maximum medical improvement before discussing case settlement. This way, all parties know the extent of the person’s injuries and medical bills.

Could This Case Take Months or Years?

The case could take months or years. It just depends.

For example, if you fell down and broke your ankle in three places, and you required several surgeries with pins and screws that had to be removed or reset, your case could take years. We would want to make sure you’re feeling as close to pre-injury status prior to contemplating case settlement.

Therefore, the length of the case depends largely on your treatment, on who the defendant is, and whether or not the defendant will force litigation.

Which Documents Are Required When Meeting with an Attorney for a Slip and Fall Case?

A person should bring a written report by the owner or the property manager from the place the slip and fall occurred. He should further supply proof of where he’s seeking medical treatment and the extent of his injuries.

How Could You Possibly Expedite the Process?

The only possible thing to do is continuously update your attorney. You’ll state which doctors and which specialists you’re going to see, how your treatment is progressing and how your injuries are healing.

Other than that, you should simply follow your health care provider’s directives. If someone tells you to get physical therapy three times per week and you only go once a week, your case might drag on.

Beyond this, you can’t do anything to expedite your case. This is completely dependent on your treatment and your particular case. The length further depends on if the case is litigated or if it’s handled through the insurance adjuster.

Can I Afford an Attorney if the Case Takes Too Long?

Most attorneys who handle personal injury cases handle these matters on a contingency fee pay basis. As such, the client does not have to pay out of pocket at all.

The client doesn’t need to pay the monthly retainer or an hourly rate. This allows the client to focus on getting better.

The attorney will front all of the expenses required to fully investigate the claim, and if there is a recovery, take a percentage of the recovery as the fee.

If Cases like this Went to Trial, Would Witnesses be Utilized?

Yes, witnesses could be utilized. If they’re available and favorable, they should be.

What Is an Example of a Good Witness?

If you were shopping with your friend in a supermarket, and your friend witnessed the accident and saw the cause of the fall right away, your friend is a perfect witness. He or she could describe whether or not you fell as a result of a wet floor, a bulging area carpet, or uneven ground.

If your friend can accurately describe the cause of your fall and the fact that a warning sign didn’t exist, your friend is a perfect witness to help solidify your case.

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