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Finding Silver Linings from the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused incalculable human suffering as well as widespread economic devastation across the country and the world. While the battle against coronavirus continues, it is important to remain optimistic and focus on overcoming this unprecedented global challenge. Perhaps it is also time to remember that every dark cloud ultimately has a silver lining, and that becomes the new starting point once the cloud disappears.


Pandemics have Historically Changed the World for the Better


Although it is an uncomfortable thought in the midst of all the tragedy and disruption that the coronavirus outbreak has been causing, the historical fact remains that extensive damage caused by pandemics is almost always followed by tremendously positive social changes. According to historians, following the destructive bubonic plague from 1347 to 1351 (also called the “Black Death”), the living and working conditions for the low-income classes of that era significantly improved.


The cholera epidemic of 1854 (caused by water and food contamination) was followed by major reforms and investments in social infrastructure to ensure clean water and sanitation across Europe. Similarly, the Spanish flu of 1918-19 was also considered a “crowd disease” originating in areas where low-income groups lived in overcrowded conditions. In its aftermath, many nations began focusing on better housing and healthcare.


Transforming Healthcare in the 21st Century


The current Covid-19 medical crisis may serve as a wake-up call for the US and the rest of the world. The governments may recognize the need to prioritize long-term health and sustainability of the people over the obsessive pursuit of profit margins.


The US has over the years become overly dependent on the supply of even critical medications and essential medical supplies and equipment from other parts of the world. The convenience of outsourcing has somewhat compromised innovation and breakthroughs within the country in new therapies and vaccines and slowed down other vital population health measures.


Post-coronavirus, the US is likely to make large investments in medical research and infrastructure to combat potential future pandemics. Advanced patient testing infrastructure, telemedicine, and digital healthcare solutions are going to receive a huge boost so that the country is in a much stronger position in the future to handle contagious outbreaks with targeted efficiency.


Greater Sense of Community


The Covid-19 crisis has already shown one silver lining that people and communities are coming together to help each other and demonstrate their love for humanity. While people are unable to physically hug each other or even hold hands to show their solidarity, they are still collaborating and harmonizing with each other and expressing it through their thoughts, words and emotions.


The social media interactions have become much more frequent and positive, people are reconnecting with friends and extended family by phone and video calls, parents are able to spend quality time with their kids and teach new skills and arts, and virtual sharing and caring for each other has gone to the next level during this continuing dark phase for the society.


People who can afford it are donating generously to community organizations and are volunteering their time and skills wherever possible. Neighbors are showing concern for people around them and checking on seniors and those with infirmities to offer them any assistance they made need during this difficult time.


Sweeping Digital Change that will Last Beyond the Crisis


The nation’s digital infrastructure has been put to good use in these times of social distancing and local lockdowns.


Millions of people who had never contemplated that they could work from home, save precious hours on commute, enjoy flexible working hours, improve their organization’s operational cost efficiencies, and minimize their environmental footprint are now learning to deliver almost the same level of productivity and results through remote working.


Schools, colleges and universities are conducting virtual classrooms with outstanding effectiveness and without consuming the vast brick ‘n mortar infrastructure and resources that was the norm until recently. Online shopping has risen to new levels of cost and delivery efficiency and will probably go to the next levels post the coronavirus crisis.


Many 12-step meetings and addiction treatment centers have gone virtual. Dietitians, coaches and therapies are moving their services to telehealth systems, fitness instructors taking live training sessions, spiritual leaders are utilizing streaming services to reach out to people, friends are organizing virtual meet-ups and virtual dance parties, and online games, virtual sports, and live stream events are suddenly being embraced by millions.


The key is to capitalize and build upon these positive socio-economic transformations once the Covid-19 pandemic is under control. The silver lining is clearly visible, and the dark cloud will hopefully disappear sooner rather than later.


Legal Help is Here for You


Zach Peagler law firm in Alabama is dedicated to providing quality legal representation to the people of Alabama even in the midst of this difficult time for our nation. We are taking all of the precautions and following social distancing guidelines, and most of our work is being done remotely these days. But rest assured, we have the technology and resources to help our clients successfully navigate the complexities of Alabama law and protect your rights under all circumstances. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at (205) 871-9990.

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