Danger At Work: After 4 Killed Tuesday In 2 Shootings, Experts Offer Advice On Prevention

Attorney Zach Peagler comments on news item in www.AL.com about an employee at UPS facility, who after killing two of his co-workers killed himself as well.

The tragedy at the UPS facility in Birmingham really hit close to home. This article addresses a serious consequence of the shootings, namely the additional fear and anxiety that results in the survivors of these senseless acts; not just the families but the co-workers and the public in general. The sadness and loss felt by the families of the direct victims is almost unimaginable.

From a legal standpoint, UPS is going to have to take a look at better security at not just this facility, but all of their facilities. I feel certain an internal investigation will be done and reveal inadequacies in various policies and procedures in place at the time of, and leading up to the shooting. Hopefully, these inadequacies can be addressed to prevent future incidents, and educate other businesses on how to better prevent senseless acts of violence such as this one.

If not, and even if so, there may be an outside investigation into these policies and procedures if the families of the victims demand answers on how an armed former employee, with presumably no current credentials, so easily infiltrated a secure facility and shot two former co-workers.